January-February  2018

Temple B'nai Chaim joins our congregants in remembering those who are dear to them.  To mark the anniversary, the name is read at the Friday evening Shabbat service before the observance or, if the anniversary is on a Friday, the night of the observance.

We hope that this new monthly notice will enable congregants to join us for the Shabbat when the names of their loved ones are read and also allow friends and fellow congregants to be with them at this time of remembrance. The weekly Yahrzeit list of names are also published in each week's Chailites .  

It is traditional to light a memorial candle on the eve of the yahrzeit at home and to recite Kaddish when lighting the yahrzeit candle. It is also a custom to make donations in memory of loved ones around the time of yahrzeit.

Zeicher tzaddik livrachah! May the memory of the righteous be for a blessing!

Adrienne Merkel Berenbaum Friday 12/29/2017 mother of Diane Berenbaum
Victoria Lipper Tuesday 1/2/2018 aunt of Don Brown
Isador Goldberg Wednesday 1/3/2018 grandfather of Lloyd Goldberg
Yetta Goldberg Wednesday 1/3/2018 grandmother of Lloyd Goldberg
Robert Weiss Wednesday 1/3/2018 father of Gail Espinosa
Bob Baxter Thursday 1/4/2018 stepfather of Simon Curtis
Rose Graf Greenwald Thursday 1/4/2018 remembered by Sharon and Ken Sobel
Abraham Spector Thursday 1/4/2018 father of Jeffrey Spector
Pauline Weinstein Friday 1/5/2018 grandmother of Susan Sia
Edith Schapiro Saturday 1/6/2018 aunt of Jon Sobel
Edith Stern Saturday 1/6/2018 mother of Susan Farber
Barbara Fass Sunday 1/7/2018 mother of Maxine Berg
Marvin Herson Monday 1/8/2018 father of Sharene Zuckerman
Ronnie Kamber Monday 1/8/2018 cousin of Moses Alexander
Ruth Rader Tuesday 1/9/2018 great aunt of Jodi Simon Stewart
Mary Ransom Wednesday 1/10/2018 grandmother of Jason Stewart
Anita Shapiro Wednesday 1/10/2018 Grandmother of Michael Bonheim
Norman Wagner Thursday 1/11/2018 father of Howard Wagner
Edward Schneyer Friday 1/12/2018 great uncle of Jon Sobel
Hilda Bennett Sunday 1/14/2018 grandmother of Jennifer Meehan
Michael Ginson Monday 1/15/2018 father of Louise Shames
David M. Gordon Monday 1/15/2018 father of Todd Gordon
Leo Mellon Monday 1/15/2018 father of Marc Mellon
David Shames Monday 1/15/2018 father of Erv Shames
Lily Czuczka Tuesday 1/16/2018 mother of Peter Czuczka
Dr. Samuel Shauer Tuesday 1/16/2018 father of Marlene Serby
Jeanne Emir Thursday 1/18/2018 mother of Sara Emir Sobel
Richard Mazer Thursday 1/18/2018 father of Margaret Mazer-Ogdon
Freda Leuin Ruben Thursday 1/18/2018 mother of Richard Ruben
Lena Seigerman Thursday 1/18/2018 grandmother of Michele Bennett
Silverman Adele Friday 1/19/2018 grandmother of Scott Blumenfeld
Kate Schneyer Friday 1/19/2018 great aunt of Jon Sobel
Harold P. Weber Saturday 1/20/2018 father of Donald Weber
Sam Youden Saturday 1/20/2018 friend of Frosch family
Diana Schumer Turet Monday 1/22/2018 grandmother of Jamie Kapel
Rose Prentiss Tuesday 1/23/2018 grandmother of Valerie Rosenson
Bernice Myers Wednesday 1/24/2018 mother of Jane Alexander
Simon Haskel Thursday 1/25/2018 uncle of Debra Case
Walter Czuczka Friday 1/26/2018 father of Peter Czuczka
Thomas Stanley Friday 1/26/2018 father of Ellen Bonheim
Moses A. Temerson Friday 1/26/2018 grandfather of Moses Alexander
Alan Berenbaum Saturday 1/27/2018 brother of Diane Berenbaum
Ruth Goodman Enteen Monday 1/29/2018 mother of Alice Learman
Chester Sparks Tuesday 1/30/2018 father of Maxine Margolin
Lillian Chaprack Wednesday 1/31/2018 grandmother of Robert Kapel
Mildred Heidelberger Wednesday 1/31/2018 grandmother of Alissa Merzon
Dorothy Anne Bernstein Dubin Thursday 2/1/2018 mother of Tom Dubin
Albert Greenwald Thursday 2/1/2018 remembered by Sharon and Ken Sobel
Doris Jean Custer Friday 2/2/2018 mother of Joni Lerner
Marian Kabot Saturday 2/3/2018 aunt of Howard Wagner
Eleanor Muirhead Saturday 2/3/2018 mother of Simon Curtis
Clara Robbins Saturday 2/3/2018 grandmother of Russell Robbins
Katharina Hof Sunday 2/4/2018 grandmother of Barbara Bloom
Leon Saumier Sunday 2/4/2018 father of Todd Saumier
Arthur A. Wakoff Tuesday 2/6/2018 father of Gary Wakoff
Shirley Spector Wednesday 2/7/2018 mother of Jeffrey Spector
Donald Curtis Thursday 2/8/2018 father of Simon Curtis
Harold B. West Saturday 2/10/2018 father of Valerie West-Rosenthal
George Anderson Sunday 2/11/2018 grandfather of Rachel Bearman
Sadie Friedman Sunday 2/11/2018 grandmother of Jane Alexander
Marvin Greenberg Sunday 2/11/2018 father of Iris Busch
Warren Prebluda Sunday 2/11/2018 father of Diane Brown
William Cohen Monday 2/12/2018 father of June Mara
Elsie R. Alexander Tuesday 2/13/2018 grandmother of Moses Alexander
Mark Lewis Feiner Friday 2/16/2018 husband of Senia Feiner
Emanuel Zamore Saturday 2/17/2018 husband of Jean Zamore
Emanuel (Manny) Zamore Saturday 2/17/2018 father of Steven Zamore
Theomora Levy Sunday 2/18/2018 aunt of Debra Case
Della Baxter Tuesday 2/20/2018 step-mother of Simon Curtis
Samuel Mann Wednesday 2/21/2018 great grandfather of David Mann
Philip Myers Wednesday 2/21/2018 uncle of Jane Alexander
Gilbert Bloch Friday 2/23/2018 father of Babette Bloch
Allan Rolle Saturday 2/24/2018 husband of May Rolle
Hyman Schwartz Tuesday 2/27/2018 father of David Schwartz
Pauline Bendremer Wednesday 2/28/2018 grandmother of Jeff Bendremer
Freida Lezack Thursday 3/1/2018 aunt of Bonnie Heft