May 2016

Temple B'nai Chaim joins our congregants in remembering those who are dear to them.  To mark the anniversary, the name is read at the Friday evening Shabbat service before the observance or, if the anniversary is on a Friday, the night of the observance.

We hope that this new monthly notice will enable congregants to join us for the Shabbat when the names of their loved ones are read and also allow friends and fellow congregants to be with them at this time of remembrance. The weekly Yahrzeit list of names are also published in each week's Chailites .  

It is traditional to light a memorial candle on the eve of the yahrzeit at home and to recite Kaddish when lighting the yahrzeit candle. It is also a custom to make donations in memory of loved ones around the time of yahrzeit.

Zeicher tzaddik livrachah! May the memory of the righteous be for a blessing!

Bella Edelman Saturday 4/29/2017 grandmother of Jodi Simon Stewart
Barbara Markowitz Monday 5/1/2017 friend of Carrie and Harvey Kulawitz
Louis R. Hurwitz Tuesday 5/2/2017 grandfather of Ruth Hurwitz
Eileen G. Portnoy Tuesday 5/2/2017 mother of Dina Gumins
Harold Goodman Thursday 5/4/2017 great grandfather of David Mann
Janet Bernstein Friday 5/5/2017 mother of Steven Bernstein
Julius Cahn Friday 5/5/2017 father of Kiki Cahn
Robert A. Heisler Friday 5/5/2017 brother of Michele Scruton
Edith Weinstein Friday 5/5/2017 grandmother of Dana Umerley
Milton Greenbaum Saturday 5/6/2017 father of Susan Hagan
Morton Metzger Saturday 5/6/2017 grandfather of Dina Levi
Joy Bower Sunday 5/7/2017 mother of Sandi Prince
Steven Johns-Boehme Sunday 5/7/2017 brother of Joni Lerner
Saul Littman Sunday 5/7/2017 father of Alice Czuczka
William Sobel Sunday 5/7/2017 father of Ken Sobel
David Macklin Monday 5/8/2017 grandfather of Fran Heizler
Herman S. Nadel Tuesday 5/9/2017 father of Mac Nadel
Beth Alyse Thompson Wednesday 5/10/2017 sister of Jay Singer
Hedwig Merzon Thursday 5/11/2017 grandmother of Alissa Merzon
Dorothy Frances Bregman Friday 5/12/2017 mother of Lisa Bregman-Burba
Carol Kronman Friday 5/12/2017 mother of Heather Lipkind
Arthur David Bregman Monday 5/15/2017 father of Lisa Burba-Bregman
Joseph Heisler Monday 5/15/2017 father of Michele Scruton
Ralph Cahn Wednesday 5/17/2017 uncle of Kiki Cahn
Julius Alexander Thursday 5/18/2017 grandfather of Moses Alexander
Herman Robbins Friday 5/19/2017 grandfather of Russell Robbins
Jack Ostroff Saturday 5/20/2017 cousin of Sue Frenkiel
Francine Marsha Singer Saturday 5/20/2017 mother of Jay Singer
Alvin Steiner Saturday 5/20/2017 cousin of Ken Sobel
Sarah Kulawitz Monday 5/22/2017 grandmother of Harvey Kulawitz
Benjamin Ostroff Tuesday 5/23/2017 father of Sue Frenkiel
Sylvia Myers Sunday 5/28/2017 grandmother of Jane Alexander
Heskel Obadia Sunday 5/28/2017 father of Michael Obadia
Paul Seigerman Sunday 5/28/2017 grandfather of Michele Bennett
Necdet Emir Monday 5/29/2017 father of Sara Emir Sobel
Ann Cahn Tuesday 5/30/2017 mother of Kiki Cahn
Robert Goodman Wednesday 5/31/2017 grandfather of Jeff Bendremer
Elaine Becker Thursday 6/1/2017 aunt of Wendy Nadel
Samuel Kolodny Thursday 6/1/2017 remembered by Sharon and Ken Sobel
Mary Schwartz Thursday 6/1/2017 grandmother of Lloyd Goldberg