November  2017

Temple B'nai Chaim joins our congregants in remembering those who are dear to them.  To mark the anniversary, the name is read at the Friday evening Shabbat service before the observance or, if the anniversary is on a Friday, the night of the observance.

We hope that this new monthly notice will enable congregants to join us for the Shabbat when the names of their loved ones are read and also allow friends and fellow congregants to be with them at this time of remembrance. The weekly Yahrzeit list of names are also published in each week's Chailites .  

It is traditional to light a memorial candle on the eve of the yahrzeit at home and to recite Kaddish when lighting the yahrzeit candle. It is also a custom to make donations in memory of loved ones around the time of yahrzeit.

Zeicher tzaddik livrachah! May the memory of the righteous be for a blessing!

Janet Down Wednesday 11/1/2017 sister-in-law of Ronnie Ross
Louis Wohl Wednesday 11/1/2017 father of Jean Zamore
Laura Deutsch Thursday 11/2/2017 cousin of Michele Bender
Sadie Eisenstein Thursday 11/2/2017 grandmother of Michele Bennett
Esther Greenberg Friday 11/3/2017 mother of Iris Busch
Harry Kulawitz Friday 11/3/2017 grandfather of Harvey Kulawitz
Aaron Lipsky Sunday 11/5/2017 father of Ann Paul
Michael Siegel Thursday 11/9/2017 friend of Jeffrey Spector
Harold Penchina Friday 11/10/2017 uncle of Jane Alexander
Kathy Dickinson Saturday 11/11/2017 mother of Zhena Hadar
Shirley Levin Sunday 11/12/2017 great aunt of Susan Farber
George Miller Sunday 11/12/2017 father of Susan Hollander
Carl Bloom Monday 11/13/2017 grandfather of Richard Bloom
Marjory Davis Tuesday 11/14/2017 mother of Cortney Davis
Robert Goldstein Tuesday 11/14/2017 grandfather of Ronnie Ross
Phyllis A. Rosenthal Wednesday 11/15/2017 mother of Steven West-Rosenthal
Charles Viccica Wednesday 11/15/2017 great uncle of Linda Bolton
Seymour Perlin Thursday 11/16/2017 father of Liz O'Hara
Mae Sokol-Burger Friday 11/17/2017 friend of Rebecca and Daniel Darst
Margaret Finucane Saturday 11/18/2017 sister-in-law of Michele Scruton
Samuel Schwartz Saturday 11/18/2017 grandfather of Lloyd Goldberg
Sylvia Krengel Sunday 11/19/2017 mother of Marilyn Van Raalte
Sam Nagel Sunday 11/19/2017 remembered by Carrie and Harvey Kulawitz
Bruin Lipman Monday 11/20/2017 father of Hannah Lipman
Mel Yavner Monday 11/20/2017 remembered by the Heft Family
Robert Enteen Tuesday 11/21/2017 father of Alice Learman
Leo R. Sarn Tuesday 11/21/2017 father of Allan Sarn
Rose Bloom Wednesday 11/22/2017 grandmother of Richard Bloom
Lori Kamber Wednesday 11/22/2017 cousin of Moses Alexander
Bernard Satten Thursday 11/23/2017 cousin of Sandi Prince
Vivian Weiss Thursday 11/23/2017 mother of Gail Espinosa
Frank Barbera Sunday 11/26/2017 cousin of Linda Bolton
Allen Feldman Sunday 11/26/2017 father of Staci Feldman
Florence Littman Monday 11/27/2017 mother of Alice Czuczka
Larry Ravich Monday 11/27/2017 father of Peggy Zamore
Dr. Robert Tartell Monday 11/27/2017 father of Ross Tartell
Frances Levy Wednesday 11/29/2017 Grandmother of Debra Case
Edith Stevens Wednesday 11/29/2017 remembered by the Heft Family
Margo Berger Horwitz Thursday 11/30/2017 mother of Heidi Marcus
Estelle Kalvarsky Wakoff Thursday 11/30/2017 mother of Gary Wakoff