Our New Website

Dear Friends,

In December 2010, a committed group of Temple B’nai Chaim volunteers came together to form a Website Task Force.  This Task Force, under the leadership of Moses Alexander and comprised of approximately ___ members and staff of TBC, was charged with making our synagogue’s website better, brighter, more thorough and more relevant.  At the time, Rabbi Cohen offered three perspectives on the challenge of creating our new site:

1. From Exodus 18: 17-18, “This thing you are doing is not right; you will surely wear yourself out and these people as well.  For the task is too heavy for you:  you cannot do it alone.”

This was wise advice spoken to Moses by his father-in-law, Yithro, as Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt, which speaks to the importance of the Task Force working as a team and with a group effort.

2.  From Genesis 28:17, “This is the gateway to heaven.”

When Jacob awakes from his ladder dream, he realizes that where he is laying is actually a portal into another place, just as our website is a portal into TBC, both for our members and for guests to be able to learn who we are and what we have to offer.

3.  Kabbalat Panim, The Role of Face

Rabbi Cohen reminded us that our website is our face, and that many people will see our “face” for the first time online.  Part of embracing our goals to be welcoming and inclusive is to make our website accurate, timely, warm and accessible.

So, after almost twenty months of questioning, listening, researching, planning and designing – and including a delay caused by the URJ shift to a different hosting platform – we are so pleased to welcome you to your new website.

For the purposes of going live as we approach a new year, we have focused primarily on the home page and calendar components.  Rest assured that more content will be created and existing content will be modified on an ongoing basis – this will be a website constantly in process in an effort to maintain excellence and to meet the needs of our synagogue.  We thank all those who volunteered for the Website Task Force and everyone who offered guidance and feedback along the way.  And, we especially acknowledge the efforts of Stephen Davis as he so patiently maintained our existing website during this time of transition.


Moses Alexander and Sara Sobel