Passover Basket Project

Danbury Jewish Family Services (JFS) has taken up the challenge of ensuring that everyone in the Greater Danbury Jewish community is able to celebrate Passover holiday nutritiously, ritually and with pride of heritage.

TBC has participated in this project for many years.  Coordinating with Danbury Jewish Family Services, we are working to ensure that those families in need can celebrate Passover by providing grocery store gift cards and some Passover items.

For some, Passover can be a significant financial burden. This is especially true in these challenging economic times. We support this effort by providing Kosher for Passover food and Stop&Shop gift cards so the families can make purchases on their own.

JFS adds “seder” staples (wine, plate, Haggadot, etc.). This will enable recipients to have the foods they need for the Seder and to observe our traditions.

Contact: Melinda Weber …