President’s Yom Kippur Appeal, 2013

David Abraham, TBC President

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TBC has not traditionally done a Yom Kippur appeal, but as we have observed repeatedly this High Holy Day season, this year is different.

This year, we have another need associated with the rabbinic transition. The search processes necessarily involves expenses that were not budgeted — mostly travel to meet with candidates, bringing them here, seeing them at their current jobs. We incurred expenses similar to that during our brief but intense search for the interim rabbi. We will also have relocation expenses for our new permanent rabbi. None of these were budgeted.

Therefore, this year, I’m asking for those who can to make a contribution to our High Holy Day appeal. The monies we raise will be specifically earmarked to our unbudgeted search and relocation expenses.

Our congregation is proud to be financially strong and fiscally conservative. This has served us well and I’m personally gratified to be part of this legacy. But we could not foresee the rabbinic change when we budgeted for this year, and therefore now see these unplanned expenses.

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