Purim Possibilities

To make the evening really fun, we need volunteers who would like to read part of the scroll of Esther for the community. To tell your section of the story, you can use the language of anything from Gone with the Wind to Shakespeare. Don’t be afraid to create or use a very creative “translation” of your verses! (See below for some ideas.) Email RabbiBearman@templebnaichaim.org if you’d like to participate!
Downton Abbey Megillah:

LADY ESTHER: Lord Ahashuerus?
LORD AHASHUERUS: Yes, Lady Esther?
LADY ESTHER: I’m so sorry to disturb you.
LORD AHASHUERUS: Nonsense, you weren’t disturbing me at all. I was just sitting here in the library thinking about the collapse of the empire.  What may I assist you with?
LADY ESTHER I wished to invite you and Sir Haman to lunch at my manor this afternoon.
LORD AHASHUERUS: Will the Dowager Vashti be there?
LADY ESTHER: I hadn’t invited her.
LORD AHASHUERUS: In that case, we’d love to come.
Game of Thrones Megillah:

AHASHUERUS STARK: So tell me, my darling Esther, what is the purpose of this banquet?
ESTHER STARK: (ominously) Adar is coming.