ShopRaise – Fundraising for Temple B’nai Chaim

ShopRaise logo

Temple B’nai Chaim has just launched a program called ShopRaise.  ShopRaise allows you, your family and friends to raise money for TBC through online purchases at over 1,000 stores.   

 ShopRaise is very easy to use. You can shop from your desktop or your mobile device.  All you need to do is: 

  1. Click to view the TBC ShopRaise sign up page, Get the App, and create an account.
    (On desktop web browsers it will install as a browser extension)
  2. Use tools in the mobile app to share it with family and friends. 
  3. Shop online to support Temple B’nai Chaim and help us reach our fundraising goals, 

 The best thing is the program is free, you do not pay any more for the items you buy, and you get access to all the best coupons and deals.  TBC will earn up to 10% on purchases. The purchases themselves normally take several days to show up in your account.


View participating retailers.