Temple B’nai Chaim Committee Reports

Governance, Nominating, Education, Communication Committees
As submitted at the May 23, 2013 Congregational Meeting

Governance Committee

Report – 5.23.13
Chair: David Sklar

Purpose & Responsibilities

The governance committee is responsible for ongoing review and recommendations to enhance the quality and future viability of the board of directors. The work of the committee revolves around the following major areas:

1. Board Role and Responsibilities

  • Leads the board in regularly reviewing and updating the board’s statement of its roles and areas of responsibility, and what is expected of individual board members including the by-laws.

2. Board Composition

  • Leads in assessing current and anticipated needs related to board composition, determining the knowledge, attributes, skills, abilities, influence, and access to resources the board will need to consider in order to accomplish future work of the board.
  • Develops a profile of the board, as it should evolve over time.
  • Identifies potential board member candidates and explores their interest and availability for board service.
  • Nominates individuals to be elected as members of the board.
  • In cooperation with the board chair, contacts each board member to assess his or her continuing interest in board membership and term of service and works with each board member to identify the appropriate role he or she might assume on behalf of the organization.

3. Board Leadership

  • Takes the lead in succession planning, taking steps to recruit and prepare future board members.
  • Nominates board members for election as board officers.


Nominating Committee


Formed a nominating committee comprised of Dina Gumins, Gregg Feldman and Tracy Dubin, and David Sklar. Recruited and filled 4 trustee at large positions.

Election of Officers and Trustees-at-Large


Cindy Baulsir, 2nd Vice President
Brad Marcus, Treasurer
June Mara, Secretary

Trustees at Large:  

Micki Averick
David Gruen
Andrew Nevis
Jem Solinger


Formed a By-Laws Committee comprised of Dina Gumins, Harvey Kalawitz, Ross Tartell, Richard Lerner and June Mara. The committee continues to focus on revising the by-laws in the areas of officer succession as well as developing a conflict of interest policy. We welcome the suggestions of our members to assist us in this regard.


Education Committee

Highlights—Congregational Meeting 5-22-2013
Respectfully Submitted by Cindy Baulsir-Education Chair.


We had a very successful school year. We had 5 school-wide programs, including opening day, Hanukkah, Purim, Passover, and last day of school activities! We had a successful Book Fair, with assistance from the PTO and other active volunteers.

We met our goal for an initial evaluation of the Hebrew curriculum. We anticipate that we will make minor enhancements to the program over the summer with teachers. We established a very enthusiastic PTO that will continue to play an active leadership role in several events and day-to-day activities within the school.

We are also very pleased to announce the promotion of Jennifer Haynos, our current Education Administrator to Education Manager, which will be a full-time position. She will continue to run the day-to-day activities of the school, working with teachers, students and parents to ensure the continuity of the school. She will oversee the volunteers within the school, and any additional staff within the school.

We will have a change in structure of the school, where we will not have an Education Director, but will evaluate the needs within the school and the office. We have a robust teaching staff, that are very committed to our students and they will continue to manage the program. We may enhance the leadership of the school by asking one of our current teachers to take on a lead role-to mentor others in our program and to help with student and parent concerns. Cantor Sobel will continue to assist with the planning and execution of the school-wide programs.



Communication Committee

In the last four months, the Communication Committee has accomplished has completed a transition to new committee leadership and begun to implement new initiatives. These include:

  • Redesigned ChaiLites template and continuing to evolve content and approach
  • Published Facebook and leveraging it to build community and awareness
  • Continuing to use Twitter but in new ways
  • Making TBC Web site improvements that will be launched started in the Fall